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The voyage at BHARATI DEFENCE AND INFRASTRUCTURE LIMITED (Formerly BHARATI SHIPYARD LIMITED) began in 1973 with a small shipbuilding facility in Ratnagiri. It started building small barges, fishing vessels and trawlers. But the vision of its two promoters was not to confine to small vessel building but it was a humble beginning of their dreams to become one of the leading private sector shipyards in India. Since then there has been no looking back.

Over the years Bharati has expanded its capacity, capability and product range of its vessels exponentially. The Ratnagiri shipyard, started as a small drop in the ocean and has grown several times during the last 30 years, and is today one of the most advanced shipyards of the company. The yard is now building sophisticated vessels required for the offshore industry including OSVís, MSVís, PSVís AHTSís etc.

The quality, size and the level of sophistication of the vessels built by Bharati has also grown manifold. Now it is building one of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced Jack-up Drill Rigs. Apart from this, Bharati is also building vessels required for the offshore industry which are technically far superior and perform under stringent conditions. Today, Bharati is building Offshore Supply Vessels (OSVs), Anchor Handling Tugs cum Supply Vessels (AHTS), Platform Supply Vessels (PSVs), Multi-purpose Support Vessels (MSVs), Ice Classed Vessels, etc.

Thus, what had started as a small stream way back in 1973 has today truly become an ocean encompassing many such small and large streams in its ambit.

Bharati's Ghudbunder yard supports the operations of Ratnagiri yard acting as a feeder yard. Besides, the Company has shipbuilding yards at Goa and Kolkatta engaged in shipbuilding and ship repairs.

The Company has also undertaken Greenfield expansions at Dabhol and Mangalore which are gonig to be one of the most technologically advanced yards of our country. Both the yards will be capable of building larger vessles upto Aframax and Handymax size respectively. The Dabhol yard is also capable of building Jack-up Drill Rigs.

Thus, over the years, what started as a small yard at Ratnagiri has now grown into a classy tenchnologically advanced yard at Ratnagiri, Ghodbunder, Goa, Kolkatta and the two Greenfield expansions for large vessels at Dabhol and Mangalore.